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Lexmark Cebu

Lexmark Cebu, established in 2001, consists of Research and Development and the Cebu Competence Center—an organization that manages global end-to-end processes.

With innovation and excellence at its core, Lexmark influences its employees to create a long-term impact to the community. By providing financial and technical resources, the company shapes and helps advance the technical competencies of the future Filipino workforce.

Land and biodiversity/sustainability

Lexmark is especially sensitive to the environment in our Philippine operations. Many global organizations recognize the entire country as an area of high biodiversity. Lexmark employees in the Philippines work diligently to restore habitats near these facilities, focusing on reforestation and watershed protection. Since 2008, Lexmark has planted over 170,000 mangrove trees in various coastal and watershed areas of Cebu and over 20,045 tree seedlings in various areas of Cebu.

Earth Month

This year's Earth Month celebration started with having our employees take a refresher course on "The Lexmark Carbon Neutrality Plan" in our online training platform. Our EHS team also held a photo contest where employees posted their entries on their Facebook page. Photo entries showcased stories about how the employees invest in our planet. Additionally, an online quiz on Earth facts was conducted. 

Also, Lexmark employees who have rendered over 20 years of service took part in the lemonsito planting activity at the Lexmark Plaza 1 and 2 grounds. 

Lexmark employees also planted almost 2,000 mangroves in Danao, Cebu. The tree planting activity was organized by Lexmark and the Cebu Climate Change Association. 

In May 2021, we implemented our 2021 Goal for Environment Program on coastal reforestation through a partnership with the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) Cebu and Medellin local government unit (LGU). This three-year project will include adopting five hectares and planting 25,000 propagules. The partnership entails the maintenance of the site to ensure the survival of the mangroves planted. In 2022, we planted 500 mangrove propagules. 

In October 2021, Lexmark Cebu, represented by the Site Operations Team, planted 2,500 seedlings (fruit-bearing trees) together with our LGU partners, City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) and Barangay Buot-Taop, Cebu City, as part of our reforestation program. We planted an additional 300 seedlings in 2022 and 600 in 2023. 

We also support and participate in the Rivers for Life Program officially launched through a large-scale river clean-up drive in Cebu by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Region 7. A Memorandum of Agreement (MA) was signed with the DENR and Local Government Unit (LGU) of Guadalupe Barangay on November 29, 2021. The project will focus on the rehabilitation of the Guadalupe River. Lexmark will support the project by providing funds for three years, printing materials for the information and education campaign, monitoring progress bi-annually and coordinating activities with partner LGUs and the DENR-EMB7 representative.

In 2022, we donated used tires for landscaping of the Guadalupe River. 

Environmental management

Lexmark Cebu cares about the environment and is guided by its environmental management system, which is third-party certified to ISO 14001:2015.


With a focus on sustainable resource management and knowledge that Cebu, Philippines, is in a region of water risk, water preservation is important. We focus on preventive and corrective maintenance of the water system and works to engage employees in awareness activities to conserve water and report leaks. Major water projects over the years have included the installation of sensor-operated faucets and toilet bowls and the interconnection of the water supply between the two buildings on site to reduce water waste.

Energy consumption

Sustainable consumption of energy is also a focus on site. The facilities team in Cebu has realized significant energy savings over the years through lighting upgrades and the implementation of the optimized equipment operation schedule in Lexmark Plaza 1 and 2 for chillers, elevators, air handling units, frequency converters, and compressed dry air equipment. Equipment, such as generators, is optimized to help machines run more efficiently, and proactive maintenance is performed, such as eliminating compressed dry air leaks, to improve the operation of compressors.

Energy savings related to temperature control include the building management system, whose software has been upgraded to provide real-time monitoring and room temperature control based on established site guidelines. Existing window blinds have been replaced with block-out blinds designed to reduce heat generated from the glass windows, further aiding room temperature control. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) installed on air handling units also curb energy usage. Employees get involved by being energy conscious and turning off lights and equipment when they are not in use.

We completed upgrade of variable air volume (VAV) controllers in Lexmark Plaza 1 for an energy-efficient HVAC system distribution by optimizing the amount and temperature of distributed air. The controllers and AHU’s VFD’s are integrated to the building management system (BMS) for an automated operation.

Moreover, we installed variable speed driven (VSD) compressors in Lexmark Plaza 2. We also successfully installed our pilot project of 3.2kW Photo-Voltaic System in Lexmark Plaza 1.


In 2022, we partnered with Global Electric Transport (GET) Philippines in using the Community Optimized Managed Electric Transport (COMET), an emissions-free transport system that provides a better daily commute for the Lexmark employees. COMET is a fully electric motor with Formula-E and performance adapted for public transportation.

This partnership aligns with Lexmark’s carbon neutrality goal as COMET helps with CO2 emissions reduction (4,000 kilograms of CO2 reduced per COMET per year).

Tunob App

In 2023,Lexmark Cebu's Training & Information Management team developed the Tunob application to support Lexmark's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2035. Tunob is derived from a Cebuano term which means "footprint," symbolizing Lexmark Cebu's contribution to the company's carbon footprint reduction initiatives. The app tracks and calculates equivalent (eCO2) reduction from activities such as walking, biking, and carpooling to work, as well as using stairs and H2O dispensers.

Waste management

We partnered with Guun Co., Ltd., a recycling company that processes waste into alternative fuel mainly for cement. In 2023, we had 13,100 kg. of waste plastics treated by Guun, helping reduce CO2 emissions by 8,194.20 kg.


Resource conservation

Reductions in resource consumption in our Cebu site greatly contribute to our corporate goals.

  2015 2019 2021 2022
Facility level energy (Scope 1 and 2): Operations within organization (megawatt-hours)  12,283 7,512 6,869 7,643
Energy consumption by type/location: Operations within organization (megawatt-hours) Electricity (purchased)   11,364 7,213 5,469 6,793
Water withdrawal by facility (megaliters)  23.11 20.45 9.35 20.07
Water discharge by facility (megaliters): Sanitary Sewer  23.11 20.45 9.35 20.07



Lexmark strives to be a good corporate citizen. Lexmark Cebu embraces the local community and has a reputation for providing invaluable support in a number of ways.

Diversity and inclusion

As a global company, our goal is to have a highly diverse and vibrant workplace that understands and is responsive to the needs of our employees, customers and partners around the world. We recognize individual worth, fully utilizing our diverse backgrounds, interests, and strengths. We do not discriminate nor tolerate harassment or discrimination against race, color, gender, sexual orientation, disability, status or age. Lexmark is proactive in making our workplace one that is inclusive and allows each employee the opportunity to bring his or her complete self to work. Lexmark Cebu has strong Diversity Network Groups (DNGs), organizations of Lexmark employees who voluntarily come together with the goal of making Lexmark an even better place to work by celebrating and bringing awareness to our diverse employee population.


In 2022, Lexmark Cebu launched LiNKED, a DNG focused on connecting young and experienced professionals to help them grow and reach their full potential together.

In its second year, LiNKED Cebu held its 2023 kickoff with the theme "Navigating Through Diversity in the Workplace." Lexmark leaders attended and spoke about their professional lives and how an inclusive workplace helped them succeed. They also extended their support to the young professionals in attendance and emphasized the professional and personal growth they can gain from meeting other professionals through DNGs.

In 2023, LiNKED launched its first two episodes of its official podcast, LiNKEDpod. The first episode, titled “Expectation vs. Reality!” tackled expectations of the speakers’ jobs, their challenges, and how they handled them. The equally interesting second episode highlighted cultural diversity, focusing on workplace culture and other subtleties of cross-cultural communication.

In July, LiNKED hosted a panel discussion titled “interLiNKED: Intergenerational Diversity,” where Lexmark employee panelists discussed challenges, opportunities, and misconceptions of the different generations.

Young Professionals’ Day

For 2023, LiNKED Cebu conducted the Young Professionals’ Day by recognizing and appreciating the site’s young professionals. Lexmark employees posed before the event’s photo wall, enjoyed treats, and wore their LiNKED stickers.


In October 2023, AIM Cebu facilitated virtual sensitivity training by the Philippine Accessible Disability Services, Inc. on “Proper Courtesies to People with Disabilities,” focusing on the challenges experienced by people with disabilities and how Lexmark employees can work towards creating a more inclusive and accessible society.


Women@Work Cebu kickoff and International Women’s Day Celebration in March started with an online and in-person talk with the theme “Embrace Equity.” W@W also launched a speaker series for 2023. One of the topics discussed was cross-functional teamwork.


GALE influences policy change

Considering the deaths during the pandemic, GALE Cebu initiated discussions with the Lexmark Cebu HR team to update the site’s bereavement leave policy to include the death of same-sex partners in addition to family members and spouses. As part of Lexmark Cebu’s commitment to having an inclusive workplace, the HR Compensation and Benefits team updated the leave policy in 2023. This followed the addition of same-sex partners as qualified dependents in the company’s health insurance plan in 2019.

Cebu LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion Forum

The Philippine Financial and Inter-Industry Pride (PFIP) hosted the Cebu LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion Forum supported by the Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands and Mandaue City. Lexmark was among the participants of this forum, along with others from multinational companies, government, academe, and non-profit organizations. The event facilitated interactive sessions, workshops, and a panel discussion where the Lexmark Cebu site president, Stephan Bily, was one of the panelists. The discussion was centered on the theme, “Enabling Equality in the Workplace: Culture, Policies, and Implementation. Stephan highlighted Lexmark’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace where all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, feel safe, valued, and respected.

Pride Month

With the theme “Intersectional Pride: Embracing the Power of Inclusivity,” GALE Cebu prepared activities for the month-long celebration highlighting the importance of recognizing diverse identities within the LGBT+ community. GALE launched Pride Month with a kick-off program that featured performances of local drag queens and the Lexmark Dance Club and the ceremonial display of the LGBT+ flag at the building entrance.

GALE Cebu participated in the annual Mandaue Pride March organized by the Mandaue City government and the local LGBTQ+ community organizations. Over 10,000 participants joined the 2-kilometer walk around downtown Mandaue, making the pride parade the largest in the country outside Metro Manila. The event, with the theme “Equality for All,” celebrated the commitment of individuals, organizations, and corporations to promoting inclusivity and equality. On the other hand, it called for the national government to pass the SOGIE Bill, a bill that would criminalize discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or sex characteristics.

In addition, GALE also facilitated free HIV testing and counseling, PrEP/PEP assessment, transgender health discussion, as well as HIV and STDs talks. This was in collaboration with Love Yourself White House, an HIV/AIDS advocacy organization and treatment facility.

In September, GALE hosted the event “Navigating Legal Solutions for the LGBT+ in the Philippines,” discussing the legal rights and remedies, challenges, and opportunities of the LGBT+ community in the country. GALE partnered with TLF Share Collective, Inc., a non-profit, non-governmental organization advocating for sexual health, human rights, and empowerment of gay men, bisexuals, and transgender persons.


In June, GALE and LINKED facilitated a panel discussion titled “Reclaiming our Stories: Broadening the Lens of Inclusion through Stories of LGBTQ+ Intersectionality,” highlighting the intersection of LGBT+ identities with abilities, gender, and generational experience. The panel consisted of Lexmark employees whose stories and experiences urge inclusivity, awareness, and acceptance.

Health and safety

Employee health and safety is also a Lexmark priority. Lexmark Cebu's occupational health and safety management system is certified under ISO 45001.

Work-life balance

Lexmark Cebu is loyally committed to workplace flexibility and strongly encourages work-life balance.

We have an in-house clinic for medical consultation and treatment. Employees and their qualified dependents can take advantage of their services during clinic hours, free of charge. Medicines for common illnesses are available at the clinic, and first aid is provided by a full-time company nurse for minor medical problems. All employees are required to undergo an annual medical examination. In addition, we offer medical coverage for our regular employees and the employees' qualified dependents. Accommodating mothers’ rooms are also available for new mothers, providing a private, clean area for their convenience.

We strive to establish and provide safe, secure, and healthy working conditions and reasonable facilities for the employees. The company abides with the applicable laws as defined in the Labor Code of the Philippines. With Cebu operations requiring employees to work at night based on their role, sleeping quarters are available where they can stay prior to their shift, on break, or when it is unsafe to head home.

Aside from the semi-flex schedules, casual dress code, open door policy, and a fun working environment, everyone has the option to participate in extracurricular activities. Lexmark has various clubs, including the football club, basketball club, Toastmasters Club, runners club, music club, and more.

The Lexmark Break Room and Music Lounge is available for breaks. Employees can come together around their shared passions. These relationships are cultivated so that employees can discover, collaborate, experiment, and invent using their talents throughout Lexmark Cebu, and challenge themselves to be the best they can be both personally and professionally. 

Wellness at Lexmark

Lexmark Cebu’s Wellness at Lexmark program partners with Lexmark clubs in facilitating virtual discussions and in-person activities focusing on nutrition, fitness, relaxation and sleep, and stress management. Among the activities in 2023 are Capoeira, Muay Thai, and yoga classes, quick healthy meal preparation for diets, lifestyle medicine, sleep and circadian, as well as meditation online talks.

In addition, the Lexmark Runners Club initiated the October Running Challenge for all employees, which rewarded employees who met the 60, 100, and 150 km distance for the entire month. The Runners Club also facilitates the annual Lexmark Dash, a fun run with three and 12 km distances and open to Lexmark employees and their friends and families.

Mother’s Day: Wonder Womom

This year’s Mother’s Day celebration consisted of a photo contest, “Selfie with my Mom,” showing the activities done to celebrate the occasion, and onsite massage services to pamper our hardworking Lexmark moms.

Dad Olympics

As a celebration of Father’s Day, Lexmark Cebu prepared fun-filled activities for Lexmark employee dads. Among the challenges were “The Ultimate Mini Chess,” “Pedal to the Metal Stationary Bike,” “Dare a Dad to Dance,” and a “Selfie with my Dad” FB contest.

Health and Benefits Fair

Lexmark Cebu HR Compensation and Benefits team facilitated the “Health for All: The Wellness and Benefits Fair” event in July 2023. Eye checkups, vital lab tests, dermatologist consultations, nutrition counseling, Zumba classes, and government helpdesk services from Pag-IBIG and PhilHealth were available for all Lexmark employees. Massage services from AVRC Blind Massage Therapists were also offered. Lastly, the event featured product offerings from partner brands like Rose Pharmacy, RiteMed, Human Nature, and Pau de Arco.



Disaster relief

The Philippine region is vulnerable to natural hazards, such as earthquakes, typhoons, fires, floods, landslides, and volcanic activity. We have a history of providing relief to those affected by disasters through monetary and in-kind donations.

Since 2014, Lexmark Cebu, in coordination with the Bureau of Fire Protection and Filipino Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade, has provided water to responding fire trucks during emergencies. To date, 135 fire trucks have been provided water to assist with fire emergencies in neighboring communities.

In 2023, Lexmark donated over 15 boxes of toys, blankets, kitchen items, clothes and groceries to the victims of a fire in Barangay Pusok, Lapu-Lapu.

Building homes

Since 2006, we have partnered with Gawad Kalinga, a Philippine organization with a mission to end poverty. As part of this partnership, we have donated time and money to construct homes and meet other community needs in the Lexmark Gawad Kalinga-Minglanilla village. To date, Lexmark volunteers have completed construction of 100 homes, a playground and a basketball court. Employees continually improve this area through painting and beautification projects. A little over 1,000 ecobricks were used at the Lexmark Gawad Kalinga village playground and basketball court to help refresh the area.

Lexmark employees in Cebu continue to make an impact on water usage in our community through the 12,000-liter rainwater harvesting system they designed and installed for the Lexmark Gawad Kalinga beneficiaries. The water collected during rain events can be used by the locals for watering plants and cleaning. In 2019, employees followed up with a project to install a meter on this system to monitor water use. We also provided plumbing assistance to this community by fixing water leaks via piping upgrades in an area supplying 105 households with water. On top of the Rainwater Catchment constructed by Lexmark employees, we recently erected 8 light poles and fitted a 200W Solar Powered streetlights. This project begun as there wasn't enough lighting in the community, which is located in the hills of Minglanilla, Cebu. Lexmark's initiative really helped the GK community in energy cost savings and at the same time uses an energy that causes no harm to the natural environment - green energy.

In April 2022, we conducted a verification visit on the completion of the Lexmark GK Village Children's Playground. We donated tables and chairs made of wooden pallets as part of our recycling program.

We also collected books and toys and donated them to the children of the GK Village.


Adopt-A-School program

Lexmark partnered and signed a Memorandum of Agreement with San Jose Elementary School as part of Lexmark Cebu’s commitment to community development. Among the first initiatives for this program are the participation of 40 Lexmark volunteers in the Brigada Eskwela 2023, where the volunteers painted the school’s perimeter fence and built two waiting sheds in August, and the donation of school supply kits to 623 students in September 2023. Lexmark employees donated the kits tailored to the grade level requirements of kindergarten to grade 4 students. In December 2023, Lexmark donated 180 kiddie chairs to kindergarten students at the school.


Best Workplace in the Philippines 2024

Lexmark Cebu has been recognized as one of the top 10 Best Workplaces in the Philippines in 2024. It ranked fourth in the “large” category. Companies must have achieved Great Place to Work certification in 2023 to be included in the list. Lexmark was among the 35 companies out of thousands across the small,
medium, and large categories to receive this recognition.


Philippines' Best Employer for 2024

Lexmark Cebu was named on the Philippines' Best Employer list, based on an extensive independent employee survey by the Philippine Daily Inquirer in partnership with research company Statista.

Asia CEO Awards 2023 Sustainability Company of the Year

Lexmark Cebu received the Circle of Excellence Award for Sustainability Company of the Year at the Asia CEO Awards 2023. The award recognizes Lexmark's commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2035, our global CSR initiatives, and our forward-thinking operational initiatives.

2023 Outstanding Environmental Performance Award

In another testament to the organization's dedication to environmental sustainability, Lexmark Cebu was recognized with the Outstanding Environmental Performance Award by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023

Lexmark Cebu is recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia. HR Asia chose Lexmark among the 50 outstanding companies with the HR best practices and that demonstrate high levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace cultures

Best Shared Services Team - Honorary Mention

Lexmark Cebu received an Honorary Mention for Best Shared Services Team at the SSON Impact Awards 2023. Lexmark was also shortlisted for the Business Transformation Impact Award and the Change Management Impact Award. 

(Second and third to left) Stephan Bily and Erlina Dionson accepted the award on Lexmark's behalf.

PRIDE Company of the Year - Finalist

Lexmark Cebu was a finalist at the Philippine Bahaghari Awards by the Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride (PFIP).

(Left to right) Stephan Bily and Ron Cacho accepted the award on Lexmark's behalf.

Clean Air and Climate Change Award

Lexmark Cebu has been recognized with the Clean Air and Climate Change award by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) - Environmental Management Bureau Region VII during their November 2022 celebration of Environmental Awareness Month, National Clean Air Month, and Climate Change Consciousness Week. The award recognizes Lexmark Cebu’s initiatives in implementing Carbon Footprint Reduction programs and an effective Integrated Waste Management System in 2022.

Lexmark Cebu Clean Air and Climate Change Award

7th Gawad Tugas Awards

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-7) recognized Lexmark Cebu as the Best Performing Partner in Clean Air at the 7th Gawad Tugas Awards for going beyond compliance through its exemplary performance in environmental protection, conservation, and management.

The award was received by Greg Baguioro, Lexmark Site Operations Manager; Leonora Jaralba, Senior EHS Officer; and Normita Navarro, Senior EHS Officer.

2022 International ICT Awards Philippines

Lexmark Cebu received three awards at the 2022 International ICT Awards Philippines.

The International ICT Awards Philippines, held annually, recognizes achievements and excellence in organizations and individuals based in the Philippines who have made valuable contributions to the industry and put the Philippines on the global map of IT-BPM industry, as Filipinos have demonstrated world-class quality and performance.

Lexmark Cebu was represented by Elena Palacios, President and CEO; Christina Quebrata, General Manager, Asia Product Delivery R&D; and Jurex Suson, PR and Internal Communications Manager.

Great Place to Work

Lexmark Cebu has been certified as a Great Place to Work for 2023. 

Philippines Best Workplaces in IT-BPM

Lexmark Cebu is recognized as one of the Top 30 Best Workplaces on the inaugural Philippines Best Workplaces in Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) list.


Lexmark Cebu Clean Air and Climate Change Award

Lexmark Gawad Tugas

2022 International ICT Awards Philippines