Lexmark's business operations are governed by our U.S.-based board of directors, including the Lexmark Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and six independent directors. The chairman of the board is Phillip Cassou. Sustainability is integrated across all business areas and in all levels of the company. Lexmark’s sustainability strategy is reviewed by the executive leadership team led by the CEO. The team is supportive of goals and the activities and projects that take place to meet these aggressive targets. The Lexmark Board of Directors also reviews our sustainability strategy and receives education and regular updates from the Chief Sustainability Officer. The board of directors’ Finance and Audit Committee oversees environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics as well as risks, opportunities and impacts related to climate change.

Our sustainability strategy is directed by Lexmark’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). Compensation of the CSO and several other Vice Presidents and Directors are directly associated with Lexmark’s ESG performance. Additional oversight is composed of global cross-functional teams with representation from various business areas. These teams are committed to the improvement and integration of corporate social responsibility; circular economy; and environment, health and safety.

CSR Policies

Lexmark CSR Policies are in place to provide guidance and requirements that are to be followed by employees and certain partners/stakeholders. These policies cover corporate social responsibility topics including human rights, due diligence and the precautionary approach. The policies incorporate our vision and values and apply to business activities and relationships globally. Corporate ESG leaders determine the need and content of the policies, which the CEO and/or his direct reports review. They are also accountable for the policy commitments. Lexmark's policies are posted externally and internally on intranet sites and in prominent areas on site. Training and acknowledgement of policies is required annually with the exception of those countries with legal limitations. Please visit CSR Policies & Statements to view in detail. 

Where we operate

Lexmark creates cloud-enabled imaging and IoT technologies that help customers in more than 170 countries worldwide quickly realize business outcomes. Through a powerful combination of proven technologies and deep industry expertise, we accelerate business transformation, turning information into insights, data into decisions and analytics into action. The map below includes representative territories where Lexmark conducted material business in 2023.


Recognized as a global leader in innovative imaging and output technology solutions, we leverage our deep industry expertise—in banking, education, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail and more—to simplify the complex intersection of digital and printed information. 

We are working for a better today and tomorrow by operating our business in a manner that focuses on our people, our planet and the communities in which we live and work. We extend our commitment further by developing solutions that assist our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals.

Lexmark prioritizes sustainability practices in our operations and products. We expect this same focus throughout our entire value chain. The graphic below indicates a description of our value chain with primary and supporting activities.


Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Lexmark International, Inc. is a privately held company and is governed by a board of directors. Every member of our executive leadership team and board of directors are American citizens living in the U.S. The board of directors possesses final authority and decision-making control over all Lexmark business operations.