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Global Citizenship.


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Commitment to Employees

Commitment to Employees

Commitment to employees

Lexmark is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive business culture where employees can reach their full potential. We strive to show continuous progress in the hiring and promotion of people with diverse thoughts, experiences and backgrounds, as well as underrepresented groups such as women and minorities.

Demographics by race, ethnicity and gender

Lexmark monitors its workforce breakdown based on gender and race or ethnicity in accordance with International Labour Organization (ILO) convention No. 111 and No. 100. These include analyses of underrepresented groups in management positions and remuneration.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is an important part of the Lexmark community and culture. We have worldwide Quarterly All Employee meetings in addition to regularly scheduled departmental staff meetings. These meetings allow all employees--individual contributors and managers--to hear directly from senior leaders and to have opportunities to ask direct questions and seek clarification. Senior leaders regularly post blogs and videos on our internal social media platform, and respond to comments and questions posted by Lexmark employees. These interactions keep employees informed and engaged.

Employees have many opportunities to be engaged in corporate social responsibility. Recycling and conserving environmental resources is common practice for employees at all of our Lexmark locations. Volunteer activities are frequently available for participation and are shared through internal social media. Diversity Network groups and social groups sponsor activities that welcome all employees to join in, making a difference in the world in which we live, work and play. Lexmark has a group of environmental advocates that are focused on promoting sustainability activities and education. In the US, a tool is available for employees to track health, wellness and sustainability tasks. Many of these tasks are set up in the form of fun competitions and personal goals.

Employee Feedback

Facilities in each geography support initiatives that are meaningful to their local employees. In Juarez, the human resources leadership team proactively involved employees in their strategy to be the employer of choice in the city. A cross-functional team comprised of representatives from all areas of the site received feedback from employees, and then formed a list of projects based on employee interest.

In line with local industry offerings, compensation in Juarez includes transportation to and from work and two meals. Lexmark now offers additional perks, as well. Many employees take advantage of on-site education and graduations, and participate in sports leagues in their own on-site sports arena. Couples who work different shifts have a convenient process for transitioning care of their children to one another, set in a safe space that provides nutritious snacks while children wait for their parents. Employees now have greater visibility to job openings, and employee candidates can receive feedback when not selected for a position.



Employee engagement is an important part of the Lexmark community and culture.

Employee engagement is an important part of the Lexmark community and culture.