Commitment to Employees

Commitment to Employees

Lexmark is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive business culture where employees can reach their full potential. We strive to show continuous progress in the hiring and promotion of people with diverse thoughts, experiences and backgrounds, as well as underrepresented groups, including women and minorities.

We monitor our workforce breakdown based on gender and race or ethnicity in accordance with International Labour Organization (ILO) convention No. 111 and No. 100. These include analyses of underrepresented groups in management positions and remuneration.

Flex@Lexmark is a program that allows for a formalized, flexible work environment giving employees the option of working remotely up to two days a week.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is an important part of our community and culture. Two-way conversations are encouraged to happen regularly between managers and their team members. Lexmark's Chief People Officer has regular roundtables with employees and managers to gather perspectives and feedback.

Employees have many opportunities to be engaged in corporate social responsibility. Recycling and conserving environmental resources is common practice for employees at Lexmark. Volunteer activities are frequently available for participation and are shared through our intranet. In addition, Diversity Network Groups sponsor activities that welcome all employees to participate. We also have a team of environmental advocates focused on promoting sustainability activities and education. In the U.S. and the Philippines, tools are available for employees to track health, wellness, and sustainability tasks. In the U.S., many of these tasks are set up in the form of fun competitions and have monetary incentives for completing goals. In Cebu, Philippines, the tool was designed by employees to help track employees' carbon footprint with tips to help reduce their personal footprint as well as that of the Cebu site. Employees at the Juárez site are engaged in sustainability activities, such as pollution prevention, energy savings, waste reduction, and water conservation. 

We are honored to have been recognized with several awards for workplace culture and global engagement. 

Employee feedback

Twice per year, Lexmark employees are asked to respond to a worldwide employee survey focused on engagement in areas such as teamwork, organizational culture, innovation, and manager effectiveness. Corporate actions are determined from the results, and managers are encouraged to develop action items to address employees' concerns. Employees also are asked to participate in an annual global survey seeking feedback on progress toward the goal of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategic plan.  

Employee development

We encourage professional and personal growth for all employees. We support continued education to help our employees become more effective in their current positions and develop skill sets for future positions.

Development plans are utilized to identify opportunities and highlight career goals, interests, and strengths. Employees are encouraged to update their career goals and development plans in preparation for conversations with their managers on development and performance. All worldwide employees are directed to work with their managers to create performance objectives that support goals on the personal, department, business area, and company levels.

Employees are also encouraged to recruit a mentor who is willing to provide guidance and support either through Lexmark's formal program or informally.

Funding for external training is allocated at the manager's discretion to develop employees' skills, knowledge, and abilities. Virtual global training opportunities are encouraged around topics like unconscious bias, change management, and more. Lexmark's online training platform affords the opportunity for all employees to receive training on a vast array of topics depending on their individual development needs. Programs like the Management Enhancement Series and Self-empowerment Series are offered in locations like Cebu, Philippines to encourage continued development for individual contributors and managers. Continuing education opportunities include a tuition reimbursement program for external courses and degrees, the requirements and benefits for which vary by Lexmark locations. Retirement planning assistance is available through online and on-site workshops offered by our 401(k) partner.

Leadership training, onboarding, and company-wide development programs are also offered. All employees are required to complete the Code of Business Conduct and IT Security programs each year, and harassment training periodically. Numerous courses are available globally to help employees learn more about our business, better understand one another, and work more cohesively in an international environment.  

We offer a Technical Rotation Program in order to recruit and hire top, diverse, entry-level talent and expose them to various parts of the business while learning technical, business, and leadership skills. This program focuses on early career development and offers mentorship and networking opportunities.




Employee engagement is an important part of the Lexmark community and culture.




Employee engagement is an important part of the Lexmark community and culture.

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Benefits and compensation

Lexmark and our subsidiaries around the world offer benefit plans that are very competitive in each of the countries in which we operate. Plans are benchmarked frequently to ensure that compensation and salary levels remain competitive, enabling us to attract and retain quality employees in each region.

We are continually evaluating how we can better support the needs of our employees and their families. Our employees' feedback gives us insight into how we can help add balance to their busy lives and make Lexmark an even better place to work. Part-time employees in the United States are eligible for the same benefits (some on a prorated basis) as full-time regular employees. Our competitive benefits program gives employees the opportunity to ensure their families' wellness and create a positive working environment. Typical benefits include health insurance, life and accident insurance, and dental and vision insurance. Employee profit sharing is available in geographies where it is mandated by law. We support employee family life and offer paid parental time off options. Flexible schedules, accommodating Mothers' Rooms, the options to work remotely (where applicable), and on-site or nearby childcare promote positive experiences for families.

Every geography provides for variable health coverage, time off, retirement savings, and more in compliance with local laws and regulations. Benefit packages are available to full-time and part-time employees based on the location.Wellbeing is also a priority at Lexmark. Each geography strives to find ways to help employees succeed at being the best that they can be. The locations in Cebu, Philippines; Juárez, Mexico; and Lexington, Kentucky, have on-site medical facilities where employees can get healthcare exams conveniently during the workday. Many facilities offer their employees recreational areas or sports leagues where they can participate in friendly challenges and competitions that promote health and fitness. Some countries offer webinars on personal finances. 


Mental wellbeing

Lexmark sites facilitate wellness activities for employees. In 2023, Lexmark Budapest held a therapeutic workshop and distributed a mental health newsletter to address stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue for all employees, while Lexmark Cebu's Wellness program partnered with Lexmark clubs for activities including Capoeira, Muay Thai, yoga, healthy meal prep, lifestyle medicine, sleep hygiene, and meditation talks. Lexmark France annually creates a development plan with recommended training on topics like stress management and maintaining work-life balance. In addition, Lexmark Juarez organized both online and in-person talks on mental health issues in April 2023. The site also provides guidance to its employees in getting free support from local mental health care centers. 

Equal pay

Lexmark's presence has positive impacts on the economies that surround our global locations. We provide competitive and equitable employee compensation and hire the majority of our employees from surrounding communities.

Salaries vary at Lexmark, depending upon the location of employment, education level, job function and other factors. We are committed to equal pay for work of equal value. This commitment includes equal remuneration for male and female workers. In support of this commitment, we contract third-party agencies to conduct remuneration studies, and we conduct other studies internally. For example, in the U.S. a third party performs an analysis to ensure pay equity based on demographics.

A significant portion of Lexmark employees work in locations that have minimum wage laws. We are committed to rewarding our employees for their performance. Compensation plans are frequently benchmarked to ensure that we remain competitive.