Product Energy Use

Product energy use

Lexmark is committed to developing energy efficient products that consume less energy and ultimately result in lower emissions. External standards and specifications help shape Lexmark designs. Many Lexmark products meet ENERGY STAR® requirements and European Union ecodesign requirements for energy related products, specifically EU 2023/826.

In 2023, 93% of Lexmark-branded products sold held the latest version of ENERGY STAR certification. For more information on European Union EC 801/2013, see Product Certifications. Lexmark products save energy by lowering power consumption after a period of inactivity with many consuming less than two watts of power in sleep mode. To further save energy, products either enable hibernate mode or auto-off when not in use for an extended period. The graphic below shows the continuous reductions, reflecting Lexmark's most efficient products.

ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency.
ENERGY STAR products are third-party certified by an EPA-recognized Certification Body.


Lexmark was recognized as a 2024 Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program.