Lexmark Juárez

The Lexmark Juárez site achieved CarbonNeutral® manufacturer certification from Climate Impact Partners. This certification reinforces our strong commitment to caring for the environment and the various actions developed for carbon offsetting. Sustainability is a fundamental part of our strategy, prioritizing the efficient use of natural resources in each of our plants and offices. In 2020, Lexmark made a commitment to reach carbon neutrality at our global operations, by 2035. The implementation plan began with the Ciudad juárez, Mexico site being the first to earn certification. Many effeciency projects and initiatives are being implemented and tracked in areas across the business. As part of the process to achieve this objective, an analysis was carried out at the campus facilities to identify the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its operations. Some of the points of analysis were:



A Sustainability cross-functional team was created to establish and track progress toward environmental goals. New innovations are brought forward to the team for review and implementation. This process results in sustainability focused projects related to manufacturing.


The Juárez campus is highly focused on energy efficiency targets and continued to improve upon existing projects to garner savings. 


Lexmark continues to refine processes related to water use on site. Lexmark's Physical Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest installed in the industrial sector of Juárez City, process 70 gallons per minute. An upgrade to expand this capacity to up to 90 gallons per minute is planned. The water reuse infrastructure has grown on campus over the years. Water used in the HVAC equipment, toner fill operations, and LCCP production, as well as reject water from the reverse osmosis equipment in the main cafeteria is reused. Restrooms in other areas have been retrofitted with waterless modes. Infrastructure upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant continued to provide great results at Lexmark’s campus. The system generated 59,189 m3 of water for reuse in other areas, including irrigation, representing 35% of the total water used at the facility. 

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP)

Sustainability concepts are engrained in all Lexmark proceses and activities, but one of our plants in particular has had numerous awards due to all of the well thought initiatives. Lexmark established a recycling plant in Juárez in 2007, to provide customers a place to return their empty laser cartridges for responsible end-of-life reuse or recycling. The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP) processes approximately 13,000 empty toner cartridges per day. Select components in empty cartridges are removed and reprocessed for reuse. Lexmark has been able to incorporate more than 71 million pounds of materials recovered through the LCCP into the production of laser cartridges. 

The LCCP facility complies with the highest industry standards and best practices for environmental responsibility by using a tracking and accountability system to manage all materials recovered. The LCCP plant is a Responsible Recycling (R2) certified facility that safely recycles and manages electronics based upon an accredited, third-party auditor. LCCP has achieved other certifications such as ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety and ISO 9001 for quality management. The 99,000 square-foot facility is also a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified building. 

In an effort to assist the Juárez community with many stray dogs, Guillermo Gallegos started a pet adoption program on site. Numerous dogs have found homes through this program.

Employee experience

A clean, safe, and healthy work environment is a high priority at the Lexmark facility in Juárez, Mexico. The site is audited regularly to maintain its ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 certifications. An onsite medical center offering annual immunizations and cancer screeningsas well as vision, hearing, diabetes and parasite testingis available to all employees. Informative wellness campaigns provide a unique topic each month. Events such as Health Week encourage family participation, providing beneficial health information, preventative checkups and vaccinations free of charge. 

Lexmark’s Juárez site is designed to operate sustainably. Safety procedures are clearly labeled throughout the ISO 14001-certified facility.  Lexmark employees take pride in their place of work and strive to make sustainability improvements that will make a difference in the environment. 

The site cafeteria provides two nutritional meals to employees per day, operating in a sustainable manner with as little waste as possible. The cafeteria has been awarded Distintivo H certification since 2017, an indication of its excellence in food storage preparation and kitchen hygiene.

Lexmark's program, Siempre Seguro works toward the goal of zero workplace accidents. This incentive program has proved successful in keeping employees accident free and lets them earn points and awards while working together to maintain a safe environment. Ergonomics is monitored very closely at the Juárez facility, ensuring that employees are employing the proper techniques to do their work. Ergonomics are very important to the health of employees. Corrective measures are put into place when, necessary, including moving employees to other tasks to avoid injury.  

A people-focused strategy with a goal to be the employer of choice in the city was developed with pillars including work-life balance, recognition and employee experience. Initiatives such as work-life balance, open job availability and reinforcing of tuition program.

Sports activities are important for our employees since they foster teamwork and engagement. Besides having a sports area with a soccer field, fast soccer track and multipurpose courts for volleyball and basketball, a playground area is available for children of our employees. Intramural tournaments are organized throughout the year.
Many couples work at Lexmark taking different shifts in order to care for their children. Lexmark’s child swap program facilitates this by providing time for families to catch up between shifts. Parents and children meet in the cafeteria for snacks between shifts, enjoying time together with no distractions.

Lexmark encourages employees to grow and develop personally, so education classes are available on site. Employees can earn an (elementary and junior high) educational degree, complete with a graduation ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments with their families.

In addition to degree courses, an online platform is available to employees to develop their skills. Professional advancement and training are also part of employee development so that as they advance their skills, they can advance to the next level of work.
A mentoring program allows administrative employees to mentor university degreed direct employees, helping them to develop the skills to get a professional position.

The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) recognizes organizations across Latin America that meet its standards in the following categories: 

Lexmark employees are able to safely volunteer in the community through Lexmark's partnership with Fondo Unido. Lexmark is active in the community. Partnering with Fondo Unido provides many safe volunteer opportunities, in which Lexmark employees can participate. STEM education is another focus item; along with 6 other local companies, books and bookcases are donated to 42 elementary schools through the Everyone to Read program. These companies also donate educational toys and furniture for 14 kindergarten classes. Lexmark employees volunteered by working with 8 public schools. Lexmark donated 30-50 trees for each school and employees planted them as part of the “Let’s plant today to have oxygen tomorrow” campaign. In addition, volunteers helped with school building and grounds improvements, and as part of Green City, planted trees at the schools. 

Lexmark partners with Consejo Regional para el Desarrollo de la Educación y Sustentabilidad (CONREDES), a regional council for education and sustainability. The organization aligns workforce development efforts between business and academic sectors. CONREDES arranges industrial site visits for university students, providing them the opportunity to experience plant operations first-hand. Visits to Lexmark have been focused on problem-solving and improvements in areas such as supply chain, facilities, and lean manufacturing processes.

Lexmark was selected for the Index Juárez Asociacion de Maquiladoras, A.C. Jaime Bermudez Award in 4 categories. The categories are: Social Involvement, Expansion and Diversity and Inclusion. Lexmark's social involvement was recognized for their Adopt a child and elderly program, adopting 200 individuals. Lexmark expanded with new printer operations and employment opportunities. In a continuous health and safety effort, Lexmark's limit of 10 kg lifting for all employees was recognized in the Diversity and Inclusion category