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Lexmark India

Lexmark India in Kolkata is one of Lexmark's research and development centers. Our diverse workforce collaborates to build, deliver, and support first-class products and solutions.

At our facility, we continue to reduce our energy consumption with projects such as upgrading lighting and reducing air handling units in some areas for more efficiency. Water conservation is also important, recycled water is utilized for central air conditioning. 

Lexmark India is a socially responsible company in our global community. We strive to maintain best practices for sustainability, balancing economic, environmental, and social concerns. We are committed to being a company with a strong respect for human rights, safe work conditions, and environmentally sound business practices for our organization and those with whom we partner.

A highly passionate team of individuals leads corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities at the Lexmark Kolkata office. Employees can join this team to help Lexmark provide impact at the office and the surrounding community. Environment, healthcare, education, and poverty eradication were the four focus areas of our community services in 2022. The team launched a calendar with details about various CSR activities that were carried out throughout the year 2022. It was also shared globally to inspire the larger CSR community.



During the 2022 monsoon season (July to August), Lexmark India initiated a massive tree-planting program in various locations. The biggest project was “10K Plantation,” where 10,000 saplings were planted over four different sites in the Jhargram district, more than 100 miles from the Lexmark Kolkata office. A dedicated team visited the sites to monitor the maintenance of the plants. More than 90% of the plants survived, indicating a great success for the project.


We also facilitated another tree-planting activity called “urban plantation,” which covered 13 urban locations. Many Lexmark employees joined the activity and planted a total of 3,000 saplings.


Pond restoration & aquaculture

In Sundarban, the local ponds are sources of drinking water and water for fish cultivation. Natural disasters like tropical cyclones Bulbul, Phoni, and Amphan destroyed the riverbanks affecting these local ponds. With saltwater infiltration, these ponds became unsuitable for household use, fishing, and crop cultivation. For six months, we helped the affected regions of Bali, Dulki, and Sonagaon of Sundarban Tiger Reserve by restoring nine ponds. Six ponds focus on aquaculture.

Lexmark volunteers discussed with the villagers the improvement of their livelihood. Several villagers benefitted from this project. We also supported students from a local school with their mid-day meal from the income generated from restoring a community pond.

Earth Month

In 2022, we celebrated Earth Month with the following activities:

  • Awareness messages/posters on saving water, electricity, and recycling/reuse projected on the LED screens at the office.
  • Competition for employees and children to create products using recycled papers/waste materials.
  • Day-long celebration with employees and children featuring quiz and poster-making activities.
  • Switching off lights and electricity on Earth Day for a few hours.


Great Place to Work certification recognizes employers around the world that create an outstanding employee experience.




In 2022, through the Vivekananda Child Development Program, we supported education in twelve schools where all the students are from low-income families. Bringing these kids to schools is difficult as all these schools are in remote villages. We have provided books and school fees, helped improve the classrooms, and arranged purified drinking water for the students. We visited the sites to discuss future improvement areas and plans with the students and teaching staff.

We also set up a computer lab at a school where all the students are from underdeveloped village areas and low-income families. The lab was for the students and their mothers, who are taught basic computer knowledge. This will also be available to kids from the two nearby orphanages.


We organized more than 40 medical camps in remote and tribal villages in districts in 2022. Every month in the Birbhum district, at least three medical camps were organized in tribal villages like Mahisdhal, Usahar, and Mahodary. Medical camps were also organized in remote villages of Purulia, South 24-Parganas, to support low-income patients. Volunteers from the Lexmark CSR team regularly visited the sites and participated in the activities. Because of the project’s success, we will continue providing medical services in 2023.

Over 3,000 patients were assisted in blood pressure, sugar and eye testing, doctor’s consultation, and free medicines in these camps. The villages that were chosen for the camps do not have any medical facilities.


Blood donation at the Lexmark Office

During summer, there is usually a blood shortage at the blood banks. Like every other year, we organized a blood donation camp at the office where more than 50 employees voluntarily donated blood.


In-kind gifts

Share your smile

During the festival season in October, we organized the “Share your smile” initiative to share festive happiness with less fortunate people. The team has collected clothes, grains, toys, and educational stationery items from Lexmark employees. The donated materials were distributed to two orphanages.


Blanket donation

During winter 2022, we visited underdeveloped areas, railway platforms, and roadsides to donate winter clothing and blankets to the less fortunate. We also distributed blankets in two orphanages and homes for the aged. We donated 1,700 blankets in Jhargram, Bolpur, Barrackpore, and Basarat.