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Lexmark - Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

The Lexmark Boulder office is a development and manufacturing facility that utilizes state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing processes to develop and manufacture both toner and photoconductor drums for use in laser printer cartridges.

With most of the manufacturing being done in North America, the Boulder office provides Lexmark employees with a unique opportunity to be part of the entire life cycle of product development. The location’s approximately 150 employees include production workers, production support personnel, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, scientists and technicians. Here, Lexmark team members can use their skills to perform tests, develop new technology and see their inventions and designs come to life.

Lexmark Boulder is committed to excellence in our process and products, striving to be recognized by our customers, employees and community as a leader in environmental impact, health and safety, and quality of products and services.

Our Boulder Process Management System is proudly and successfully certified to ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 9001:2015, and committed to both applicable and chosen compliance obligations. We have great programs in place, such as our Idea Generation Program.

Boulder employees are encouraged to propose ways that things can be done better in their work and beyond. Employees are recognized for submitting, approving, and supporting the implementation of ideas. Everyone on-site is accountable for continuous improvement through the program "It's My Plant, What Can I Do to Make It Better?"

2023 Student Symposium

Among the 23 summer interns who participated in the 2023 Student Symposium are three students in Boulder. They joined virtually during judging to present their projects and discussed them live with attendees during the symposium open house. Their projects are important contributions to multiple programs in the company. The symposium was a culmination of the students’ internships at Lexmark.


Earth Month

In celebration of Earth Month 2023, Lexmark Boulder added new electric vehicle charging stations, conducted an electronics recycling event and adopt-a-highway roadside cleanup, and facilitated its employees planting flower beds at the office's main entrance.

Land and biodiversity

On-site beehives

Lexmark Boulder partnered with Free Range Beehives for on-site corporate beekeeping. The partnership includes three honeybee hives, three gentle bee colonies, a beekeeper, honey extraction, and routine inspections and maintenance. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is supporting this effort by launching a Pollinator Protection Initiative.Lexmark employees received the first batch of honey from the bees over the summer!

Bees are crucial for biodiversity and climate change mitigation by enabling plant fertilization through pollination, supporting ecosystems that sustain various species and our food supply. Their role extends beyond food production, contributing to the growth of flora that provides shelter and sustenance for a wide range of organisms, highlighting their indispensable impact on the environment.


Lexmark Sustainability


Resource conservation

Reductions in resource consumption in our Boulder site contribute to our corporate goals.

  2015 2019 2021 2022
Facility level energy (Scope 1 and 2): Operations within organization (megawatt-hours)  76,136 99,895 81,948 79,877
Energy consumption by type/location: Operations within organization (megawatt-hours) Electricity (purchased)   188,224 50,282 45,545 41,744
Water withdrawal by facility (megaliters)  96.90 64.89 58.66 60.30
Water discharge by facility (megaliters): Sanitary Sewer  30.68 40.52 40.47 41.98
Lexmark Boulder

Lexmark at Highway 52

Lexmark in the community

United Way

Lexmark Boulder employees participate each year in the United Way Day of Caring. For many years, employees have spent time volunteering at Cal-Wood Education Center. As part of Day of Caring efforts, employees continued to focus on wildfire restoration and property cleanup.

Highway cleanup

Lexmark Boulder adopted a two-mile section of Highway 52, east of the Lexmark site. Employees have joined twice annually to pick up litter along the roadside for over 10 years.

Health and well-being

At the base of the Rockies, Boulder is a mecca for outdoor sports and active living businesses, and it is an ideal location for innovative minds and fast-growing companies. With more than 45,000 acres of open space and 150 miles of public trails, Boulder offers scenic beauty, recreational opportunities and a healthy lifestyle.

Lexmark Boulder has a culture that supports employees as human beings with lives inside and outside the workplace. When safety trainings are planned, resources are provided that can be used at work and at home. Tools are available for employees to track health, wellness, and sustainability tasks. In the U.S., many of these tasks are set up in the form of fun competitions and have monetary incentives for completing goals.

Lexmark is focused on providing ways for employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Flexible work hours for most jobs allow employees to enjoy their lives and take care of personal business while optimizing work performance and productivity. Employees have paid time off for volunteering, holidays, and vacation. In the U.S., an unlimited vacation policy allows employees to take time off when needed. This empowers employees to make decisions that are best for themselves, their families and the company. Employees have open communication with their management and the time is not tracked. Across the globe, we support employee family life and offer paid parental time off options. Flexible schedules, accommodating Mothers' Rooms, the options to work remotely (where applicable), and on-site or nearby childcare promote positive experiences for families.


2023 Manufacturing Leadership Awards

The Manufacturing Leadership Council recognized three of Lexmark's projects as winners of its annual Manufacturing Leadership Awards, a recognition honoring manufacturing companies and leaders that are shaping the future of global manufacturing. Lexmark Boulder was among the award recipients from Lexmark, along with the two other projects from our Juarez site.

The Boulder team’s project, “Real-Time Automated Tracking of Parts for Cost and Quality Improvements,” improved productivity and customer satisfaction through inventory control, decreased downtime in multiple processes, and enhanced packaging quality for finished goods.

Colorado Environmental Leadership

Since 2009, Lexmark Boulder has been a Gold Member for going above and beyond compliance requirements and advancing sustainability.

Colorado Environmental Leadership Program Gold Leader