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Global Citizenship.


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Training & Education

Training & Development

Training & Development

At Lexmark, we encourage professional and personal growth for all employees. We support continued education to help our employees become more effective in their current positions and develop skill sets for future positions.

Development plans are utilized to identify opportunities and highlight career goals, interests, strengths and development areas for employees in both the short and long term. Each year employees update their career goals and development plans in preparation for conversations with their managers. All of our worldwide employees work with their managers to create performance management objectives that support personal, department, business area and company goals. Success criteria are established for each objective. Managers and employees discuss performance progress at the end of each review period.

Employees are also encouraged to recruit a mentor who is willing to provide guidance and support either informally or through Lexmark’s formal program. Continuing education opportunities include a tuition reimbursement program for external courses and degrees. The requirements and benefits vary by Lexmark location, but the program provides financial assistance to employees who wish to continue their education by attending undergraduate or graduate courses. Funding for external training programs varies by location and is provided to develop employees’ skills, knowledge and abilities. Transitional education is offered to employees during times of restructure. Retirement planning assistance is available through online and on-site workshops offered by our 401(k) partner.

Lexmark offers a Technical Rotation Program. The purpose of this program is to recruit and hire a diverse pool of top entry-level talent and expose them to various parts of the business while learning technical, business and leadership skills.

In-house learning opportunities include extensive training in technical and business skills, delivered both at the corporate level and through resources in various business areas. Learning occurs through instructor-led courses and around the clock through iLearn, the Lexmark worldwide online learning platform that offers extensive libraries of proprietary courses. At the corporate level, leadership training and company-wide development programs are offered. Employees work on projects such as operational excellence, change management and lean transformation competency.

All employees are required to complete the Code of Conduct, IT Security programs and EEO training each year. Numerous courses are available globally to help employees learn more about our business, better understand one another, and work more cohesively in an international environment. Courses with a focus on onboarding are offered as well. In the United States, new managers are required to attend at least 24 hours of structured training and similar standards are imposed worldwide.


Lexmark upholds the human rights of our employees and treats them with respect as understood by the international community.

In-house learning opportunities at Lexmark include extensive training in technical and business skills, delivered both at the corporate level and through resources in various business areas.