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Butterfly Garden


Employees planted butterfly garden at Lexmark HQ

On April 21, 2017, a group of Lexmark employees planted a butterfly garden on Lexmark headquarters’ property in Lexington, Kentucky. This was one of many Earth Month activities in which Lexmark staff from across the globe participated.

The registered Monarch Waystation has a wide array of native nectar plants, including milkweeds that attract monarchs and many other pollinators to a safe habitat. Much like bees, monarchs and other butterflies feed on nectar produced by flowers, and plants rely on pollinators for reproduction.

Butterflies and bees are declining due to the wide use of pesticides, development and global climate change. Without the required pollination, many plants and crops would fall into short supply, reducing the opportunity to buy fresh produce locally and increasing prices due to food costs and increased transportation.

The garden planting was initiated by members of the Lexmark Environmental Advocates Fellowship (LEAF) group. Many communities are encouraging local businesses and corporations to get involved and provide native species plants and pollinator gardens to help reverse the decline in bee and butterfly populations. Our Lexington butterfly garden has an added benefit of serving as an education resource for our onsite childcare center.

For more information on Lexmark volunteerism, visit Global Citizenship.

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