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Global Citizenship.


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Climate Change Policy

Our corporate values include those of corporate citizenship and a long-term perspective. These values extend to the Lexmark climate change policy: we seek to act in a manner that respects the global community today and in the future.

Lexmark and our subsidiaries recognize that climate change and water resources are issues of global concern. We believe that the most effective solutions can be developed through the collaborative efforts of public entities and private organizations, governing bodies and nongovernmental agencies, and enterprises and private citizens. At Lexmark, we are committed to participating in climate change dialogues with all stakeholders. We are also committed to collaborative efforts that reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions and that conserve water and other natural resources. Based on this policy, specific goals are created and progress is routinely monitored for continuous improvement. Through water-conservation and energy-efficiency programs and design standards, Lexmark strives to reduce the environmental impacts not only of our operations, but also of our products, our suppliers and our partners. We conduct regular efficiency audits of our own facilities and encourage our suppliers and partners to assess their use of energy and water resources.

Lexmark is transparent in our communications that are related to the environment and climate change. On a regular basis, we publicly disclose emission statistics, quantifiable goals and progress reports. We request our suppliers/vendors and partners to follow this policy. The Lexmark sustainability principal drives the implementation of our climate change policy.