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Global Citizenship.


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Lexmark has formed meaningful partnerships to address areas of need within our communities. Over the years, we have formed positive partnerships with universities, local schools, local aid agencies, nongovernmental organizations and our customers.

Understanding the power of teamwork, Lexmark works on joint projects with stakeholders who share our values. For many years, Lexmark has participated in partnerships focused on reforestation initiatives, watershed protection, educational infrastructure improvement, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.

Examples of partnerships

Lexmark and The PGA of America achieved their goal to plant 2,016 trees by The PGA of America’s 100th Anniversary in 2016. This partnership began with the initiative to offset the paper consumption from printing that took place during the Ryder Cup Championship in August 2012. The partnership has grown to be part of The PGA’s community commitment where their championships are held. Lexmark and Grainger are continuing to plant trees in support of the PGA Championship and Senior PGA Championship.

Lexmark teamed up with Grainger to plant 3,500 trees in honor of Earth Day 2017 and nearly 6,000 trees in 2014.


Examples of partnerships

Lexmark has had a partnership with the University of Tennessee (UT) for over 20 years. Lexmark engineers submit real, relevant mechanical engineering-related design projects to UT, and then student teams define specifications, identify concepts, design a system and build a prototype, while working with Lexmark engineers as mentors.

Lexmark partners with other universities as well. For example, Lexmark has many partnership initiatives with the University of Kentucky, such as supporting research related to development of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, hosting classes for technical demonstrations, mentoring the “#IamAWomaninSTEM” program, and supporting the student Hackathon Event.