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Global Citizenship.


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Our Stakeholders

We believe that stakeholder engagement is fundamental to determining our direction, not only as a business, but also as a global corporate citizen. For this reason, we regularly seek feedback from our stakeholders—employees, customers, and local communities, as well as analysts, the media, regulators and legislators, and suppliers and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)—and then incorporate the information into our decision-making processes.

We gather information using many methods and with varying frequency. In addition to biannual employee surveys, we collect input on an ongoing basis from the following sources:

While we group similar stakeholders together for purposes of analysis, each group has its own range of issues of interest.

Note: Lexmark does not engage significantly in lobbying.

Stakeholder engagement

This table summarizes the categories of topics in which our stakeholder groups are most engaged.

Stakeholder engagement

One method of stakeholder engagement that Lexmark uses is involvement in industry coalitions, trade associations, and externally developed environmental and social charters.