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Global Citizenship.


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We identify, value and prioritize all the feedback we gather from our stakeholders. We believe that a more comprehensive perspective contributes positively toward our strategic and tactical decisions. We respond to these key topics of concern by incorporating the feedback into our decision-making process and by including them in our materiality analysis, which ensures proper focus moving forward.

Our efforts are prioritized and balanced to maintain alignment with our vision and values. To be an effective organization, we must be able to focus efforts on those initiatives that are most relevant and actionable. Our citizenship prioritization begins by capturing a wide range of potential key subjects, and then considering more than 50 subjects relevant to our stakeholders with regard to corporate citizenship. This way, we are able to recognize and respect a highly diverse set of issues.

From there we begin the process of focusing on the most relevant issues for Lexmark. Lexmark utilizes extensive qualitative and quantitative analyses to contribute to business judgments in making strategic and operational decisions for the company. We use pairwise comparison analysis in our research methodology to add clarity to our focus. We determine our material subjects with this enhanced process.

This allows our organization to see what is most meaningful to our broad set of stakeholders and to align our efforts accordingly. This is an ongoing process and we continue to monitor for changing sentiment. These material subjects drive action within our operations.



Our efforts are prioritized to maintain alignment with our vision and values.....From there we begin focusing on the most relevant issues for Lexmark.