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Life Cycle Assessments Data


Life Cycle Assessments Data

Area/Process Materials/Types Source (reference year)
Printer Materials/Processing Plastics/foams, Metals, Electronics Circuit Boards, Electronic Components GaBi*
(Amount of materials is a direct measurement)
Toner Materials Plastics, Metals, Colorants GaBi*
(Amount of materials is a direct measurement)
Use Phase Electricity, US Truck Transport, US Rail Transport, Ocean Transport GaBi*
Use Phase Paper used for printing National Council for Air and improvement (NCASI)
Use Phase Service Transport GaBi*, Waste Reduction Model (WARM)
EOL-Waste Waste Transport, Landfill Plastic, Landfill paper, landfill transportation GaBi*
EOL-Waste Waste Incineration GaBi* / Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP)
EOL-Recycling Transport, Local Recycling GaBi*

*GaBi Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software version is dependent on the date the LCA was conducted.