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Global Citizenship.


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Commitment to Customers

When our customers buy Lexmark products, they can be assured that they are purchasing from a company that is determined to provide a quality product and to deliver a positive long-term experience.

At Lexmark, we operate efficiently and utilize our wide variety of solutions to reduce our printing and paper consumption. We partner with our customers to help them make similar reductions by consolidating and optimizing their devices. We work with them to understand their printing needs and offer solutions that will benefit their business the most. One Lexmark customer reduced its year-to-year total pages by 158 tons, and they included Lexmark’s metrics information in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. They noted that they have a reduced need to recycle paper because they aren’t consuming as much of it.

Our culture of inquiry, collaboration and responsiveness yields a level of customer care and engagement that anticipates customer needs. While our customer-facing employees support our global customers on a daily basis, our engineers and product designers also visit with customers to better understand their needs. We also conduct usage studies in real work environments and hold regular face-to-face business reviews to ensure that our technology, people and processes provide the products, solutions and services that address our customers’ pain points.

Customer understanding is about creating a clear and accurate picture of how customers truly feel following their interactions with a company. We employ a range of methods to learn what our customers think about their experiences and how they feel about overall partnership with Lexmark.

We use both surveys and interviews to gather feedback about how well we are meeting the diverse needs of our customers. This includes understanding a variety of different customer roles, from decision makers who buy Lexmark products, to others who sell, deliver, manage, support and use our products, services and solutions.

We host Executive Roundtables to gather candid feedback from a group of customer executives. Our executive team receives first-hand input relative to market direction, industry needs, business challenges, technology requirements and current performance, which helps guide our customer experience.


Lexmark upholds the human rights of our employees and treats them with respect as understood by the international community.

Our culture of inquiry, collaboration and responsiveness yields a level of customer care and engagement that anticipates customer needs.


Anticipating customer needs

Our customers’ time is valuable and we continually look for ways to increase their productivity. Listening carefully and responding quickly to our customers’ needs is important, but we also strive to proactively anticipate and prevent customer problems. We monitor printer fleets for some of the largest companies in the world to detect existing or potential issues before our customers become aware of them. We employ the Lexmark Quality Management System (QMS) to help minimize or eliminate both actual and potential customer problems. Teams work to find the root causes for problems that customers experience. For complex issues, we bring cross-functional owners together to drive customer-focused improvement into our processes. At Lexmark, our attention to customer needs is fundamental to the way we do business. When we make changes to adapt to the unique needs of our individual customers, we close the loop with them to ensure that our changes are making a difference.

Customer-focused improvement

Continually improving the way we deliver customer experiences requires strong leadership, a clear vision and an intentional approach. Our improvement efforts are focused at the most important customer interactions: moments of truth and pain points. We combine the right people, processes, technology and systems, and collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure that we are driving changes that will enable our employees to better serve Lexmark customers.

We conduct customer experience research around a few of the most critical interactions highlighted by our customer journey mapping efforts. Armed with new insights about what was important to customers who buy, deploy and use Lexmark imaging solutions, we engage cross-functional teams to drive initiatives that are designed to deliver enhanced experiences for our customers. We remain focused on meeting our customers’ diverse and dynamic needs, and on delivering differentiated experiences that our customers value and deserve.

Customer-focused employees

At Lexmark, our formal employee performance reviews worldwide include a process to measure the progress of customer-focused objectives. Employees set objectives to help them focus on improving the customer experience. These objectives are based on employees’ understanding of how their performance connects to customers and how it is aligned with the strategy of their department and Lexmark. Each objective has specific success criteria: the difference that it makes to the customer. We believe that this focus on improvement and innovation leads to a better experience for all of our customers.

We also capture formal feedback from our employees to better understand and continually improve their Lexmark employee experience. We know it takes engaged employees to create engaged and loyal customers.