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Tonerpave: A Lexmark Innovation


Dedicated to maximizing the reuse of our customer’s returned toner cartridges, Lexmark worked with our longtime sustainability partner, Close the Loop, to collaborate on ways to reuse toner. Close the Loop, with a global reputation for providing creative end-of-life product recycling services, developed TonerPave, an asphalt additive composed of recycled tires, toner powder and recycled oil. This innovative additive provides Lexmark the opportunity to bring the excess toner back to life as a new product.

In 2015, Lexmark’s Lexington campus became the first commercial application of TonerPave in North America. Roads with TonerPave have superior characteristics to comparable roads with virgin raw materials. The addition of toner improves the quality and performance of asphalt, with an environmental benefit of lowering its greenhouse gas emissions at no additional cost.

In 2015, Lexmark captured 798 metric tons of toner from recycled printer cartridges and manufacturing processes with 91 percent (724 metric tons) being used by Close the Loop to create TonerPave.

The TonerPave project was recognized as a 2016 Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award winner (ML100) in the Sustainability category. The Manufacturing Leadership Council honors 100 businesses that shape the future of global manufacturing each year.

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