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Environmental and Social Justice Policy

Lexmark International’s commitment to environmental justice and corporate social responsibility is simple and clear: we constantly strive to develop responsibly designed products and to set high standards across all areas of operation. We are good corporate citizens, serving both our employees and our neighbors with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our commitment is proven through the following:

  •  The way we design our products and services.

  •  The way we manage resources.

  •  The way we live and work.

We envision that Lexmark should always be associated with a respect for human rights, safe work conditions and environmentally sound business practices for our own organization and for those with whom we partner. The fundamental principles of the policy are as follows:

   1. Lexmark is committed to acting as a socially responsible company in the global community. We will fully comply with both the letter and the spirit of the laws, rules and regulations of the countries and communities in which we operate.

   2. Our operations include high standards of environmental performance to minimize environmental impact. We will continually monitor those standards to further our commitment and seek ongoing improvement through quantifiable goals.

   3. As we modify, develop or acquire facilities, we will incorporate environmental justice issues into those processes. We will strive to minimize our environmental footprint wherever we operate.

   4. We will maintain open and transparent communications with all stakeholders in our operations, including stockholders, customers, employees and governments so that they may contribute to our environmental justice success.

   5. We will respect the rights and dignity of our employees, offering safe working conditions and environmentally sound business practices. We recognize the critical importance of standards regarding freely chosen employment, child labor, discrimination, harsh or inhumane treatment, minimum wages, working hours and freedom of association. We expect our business partners to do the same.

   6. We will strive to understand and respect the cultural values wherever we operate. Lexmark will be a good corporate citizen and a good neighbor.

   7. We will operate under a clear and strong code of ethics at every level of the company. All employees are expected to understand how they are to conduct business.

   8. Diversity reflects our commitment both as a company and as individuals to embrace and apply the wealth of backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, experiences and viewpoints of our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners in pursuit of customer satisfaction and business success.

This policy is fundamental to Lexmark’s business practices and vision. Every executive, manager and employee is expected not only to understand the policy but to act and make decisions based upon the policy and to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this policy. Each person is also expected to help continually improve both performance and standards.

Paul Rooke
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer