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Global Citizenship

Lexmark strives to be a good corporate citizen in the communities where our employees live and work. We contribute money, equipment, facilities, loaned talent, technical assistance and volunteer support to organizations on a local, national and global scale.

Volunteerism is at the core of Lexmark. Our people are passionate about helping others and also the environment.

Lexmark empowers employees to give their time, talent and resources through programs such as Volunteer Time Off and flexible work policies. The Volunteer of the Year is awarded annually to an employee who demonstrates excellence in volunteerism. This employee is selected by the Lexmark Global “Living the Vision” Committee from a pool of nominees across all Lexmark locations. This award is designed to recognize the individual volunteer efforts of our employees and help support the causes that are most important to them.


Lexmark supports many organizations globally. From company-wide initiatives to individual and team contributions, Lexmark makes a significant impact in our communities.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa
North America
Latin America

United Way

Employees volunteered over 5,500 hours for United Way Care Day projects in 2015!

Lexmark locations around the globe support United Way. The support takes place in the form of donations of funds, employee skills, volunteer and personal time, use of company facilities, communications and promotion. Employees are excited about the opportunity to help and often find enthusiastic ways to encourage others to donate to the cause—activities ranging from care day projects to benefit the local United Way organizations, festivals and sports tournaments! Over 5,500 volunteer hours were recorded for United Way Care Day projects in 2015.

Campaign Highlights

Boulder, CO

Employees in Boulder, Colorado, supported the Cal-Wood Education Center by helping move firewood that is a byproduct of fire mitigation out of a heavily forested area. Profits gained from the sale of the firewood provide youth the opportunity to participate in the Cal-wood environmental education and camp programs.

Coral Gables, FL

Elderly residents of south Dade County, Florida, benefited from a visit and meal from Lexmark employees who volunteered their services at the Southwest Social Services community facility.

Lexington, KY

Employees in Lexington, Kentucky, participated in Care Day projects that included gleaning, grounds work/maintenance, building refresh and organizational projects.

Lenexa, KS

Lenexa employees organized and participated in multiple on site events, volunteer activities and drives that contributed to United Way organizations, including the popular dodgeball tournament—Dodge for a Cause.

Juarez, Mexico

Employees in Juarez, Mexico, organized multiple events to help local schools, nursing homes and shelters, benefiting over 2,500 people in the local community.

Budapest, Hungary

Lexmark Budapest employees participated in a Children’s Island where they welcomed socially disadvantaged children from the Burattino School, delivered books to schools in a rural area and participated in a United Way organized race.

Habitat for Humanity

Lexmark is a long-time supporter of the Lexington Habitat for Humanity, providing support since 1997. Each year employees and retirees volunteer their time to build a home for a local family. Lexmark’s 20th corporate-sponsored home was built in 2015 by approximately 100 volunteers, contributing over 1,800 volunteer hours.

Lexmark’s most recent builds have a focus on sustainability. The efforts include minimizing waste, using advanced framing techniques and using energy efficient products such as ENERGY STAR rated heating and cooling products, windows, ceiling fans, light fixtures and appliances. These combined efforts and more have helped these homes receive the ENERGY STAR New Home certification. It is estimated that the homeowners’ utility costs will decrease 25 to 55 percent because the house meets the certification requirements.


From tree and mangrove plantings to trash collection and cleanup efforts, Lexmark employees invest time to help the environment in the communities where we live and beyond as well as raise awareness for environmental stewardship.

STEM Education Support

Lexmark’s corporate giving continues to focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. STEM initiatives such as science fairs, youth science summits, Women in Engineering, and partnerships with universities are a few examples of the many ways Lexmark supports STEM education. Lexmark employee talent and Lexmark facilities are often used for these educational events providing increased opportunities for the local community to participate.

Lexmark’s involvement with STEM activities provide increased opportunity for local participants.

Through the Lexmark Educating Excellence Program, Lexmark sponsors awards that recognize outstanding Kansas City-area and Central Kentucky K-12 educators in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Monies awarded to educators are used to support classroom-based needs that improve the learning experience for students. For more information on Lexmark’s Educating Excellence program, please click here.

Lexmark continues to support the University of Kentucky’s efforts to improve STEM education and outreach initiatives. The UK/Lexmark Center for Innovation in Math and Science Education was established to provide professional development to Kentucky science and math teachers, a lab for fieldwork-based ecology education and a shared meeting room for community outreach.


2015 North America Charitable Giving
In-Kind Gifts
Gifts to the community are meaningful and make a significant impact.

Lexmark makes numerous in-kind contributions to nonprofit organizations. In addition to printers and gifts associated with printing, employees collect items for numerous other needs. These collections are not tracked for value purposes but are meaningful contributions for the community. School supplies, food, clothing, health supplies and trees are some of the many items Lexmark has donated.

Lexmark did not make any charitable contributions that exceeded the greater of $1 million or 2 percent of a charitable organization’s consolidated gross revenues to any charitable organization for which a member of the Lexmark Board of Directors served as an executive officer. The Board’s conformance with this guidance prevents potential conflict-of-interest issues regarding our charitable giving practices.

Cartridge Returns Support the Community
Since 2002, CRIB has donated 105,608 “Baby Days” to Cotlands.

The Cartridge Recycling Initiative for Babies (CRIB) seeks to protect both the environment and children. By returning empty laser and inkjet cartridges to Lexmark for recycling, customers in South Africa can contribute directly to Cotlands, an organization that cares for abandoned and abused babies or those who have HIV-AIDS. Contributions to the fund are made on a per unit basis on cartridges.

Since 2002, CRIB has donated 105,608 “Baby Days” to Cotlands. One Baby Day equals the cost of housing, feeding, clothing and caring for one child at Cotlands for the period of one day. In addition, 230 tons of empty cartridges have been kept out of South Africa’s landfills. Going forward the funding will go towards sponsoring children to attend playgroups. This includes two meals, a comprehensive development program and access to the services of a nurse and social worker when health and psychosocial support is required.

Since 2008, Lexmark Canada has partnered with La Fondation MIRA to fulfill its mission: “Whatever is available to all should also be accessible to the handicapped.”

La Fondation MIRA is dedicated to helping disabled individuals by teaming them with dogs bred and fully trained to respond to their adaptation and rehabilitation needs. All of MIRA’s services are made available free of charge to individuals with one or many visual or motor disabilities, and to children presenting an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

In 2015, Lexmark’s partnership with La Fondation MIRA resulted in the training and provision of 15 guide dogs to enable increased accessibility for individuals with visual or mobility impairments.

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