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Lexmark is committed to proactively addressing global environmental issues not only with broad, corporate-wide initiatives, but also with hundreds of smaller local activities that have significant cumulative effects. We have dedicated significant resources to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and to develop products with environmentally beneficial features. In the past three years alone (2011-2013), Lexmark has dedicated more than $1 Billion USD to research and development. A portion of those funds has been used to develop energy efficiency features for our devices, print less solutions, and other features that reduce the environmental impact of print environments. Lexmark has also spent millions of dollars upgrading facilities to make more efficient use of natural resources and energy.

Our talented and committed people make the difference and through them, Lexmark has become a leader in environmental stewardship, product design, and efficient operations.

Lexmark has helped many customers reduce the environmental impact of their printing while reducing cost. We also have reduced our own paper consumption over the last 5 years by over 50%.

Lexmark not only encourages cartridge recycling, we take the extra steps necessary to close the loop. We collect the cartridges ourselves, recycle them in our own facility, and then feed the raw materials back into our new production. And our state-of-the-art facility in Mexico was the first manufacturing facility in the country to achieve LEED-Gold certification.

In addition, the Lexmark Center for Children in Lexington, Kentucky was also recently recognized with LEED Gold certification and our new facility under construction in Lenexa, Kansas is LEED registered.



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©2014 Lexmark. All rights reserved.


©2014 Lexmark. All rights reserved.