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Our Operations

Our Operations Lexmark CSR 2014

Environmental Sustainability

Lexmark’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in all areas of operation. We strive to develop responsibly designed solutions, products and services in accordance with high standards of environmental performance that minimize our impact. We monitor these standards and seek ongoing improvement through quantifiable goals in the following operational areas:

Lexmark dedicates significant resources to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and to develop products with environmentally beneficial features. In the past three years alone (2012—2014), Lexmark has dedicated more than $1 billion to research and development. A portion of those funds has been used to develop energy-efficient features for our devices, reusable components and print-less solutions that reduce the environmental impact of printing.

Designing products with sustainable features has substantial environmental and monetary benefits. At Lexmark headquarters, implementation of our solutions, products and services reduced our water usage by 35 percent, energy usage by 49 percent and CO2 emissions by 48 percent over a five-year period. Our customers also reduce their environmental impact and lower their costs from printing by using our solutions. Click here to view how our innovative customer partnerships have cut waste and protected natural resources in everyday business processes.

Lexmark Environmental savings graph

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