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A Diverse Workforce

Lexmark’s goal is to have a highly diverse and vibrant workplace that understands and is responsive to the needs of our employees, customers and partners around the world.

As a global company, Lexmark’s goal is to have a highly diverse and vibrant workplace that understands and is responsive to the needs of our employees, customers and partners around the world. Lexmark is proactive in making our workplace one that is inclusive and allows each employee the opportunity to bring his or her complete self to work.

A Unified Vision

Lexmark Diversity Council is a tiered structure comprised of an Executive Diversity Council and Diversity Advisory Council. Lexmark’s Diversity Network Groups (DNGs) are instrumental in advising and supporting these efforts.

Each entity works in partnership with the others to reframe the current initiatives around diversity worldwide. Lexmark’s Diversity Mission Statement is aligned with the ideal future state of diversity at Lexmark. The mission statement encourages our employees to embrace individuality of thought and background as a means of creating success for our workforce, our customers and our shareholders. These practices help Lexmark operate with one unified vision — using the individual talents of our diverse workforce to their full potential. Respecting diversity fosters good relations within the company as well as in the communities in which we live and work.

Mission Statement for Diversity and Inclusion at Lexmark

We, the employees of Lexmark, value and respect our individual differences. We foster an open and inclusive environment that not only embraces new and alternative ideas, but seeks them out at all levels. This appreciation of diversity is vital to attract, retain and develop employees to their full potential. A diverse global workforce that mirrors our customers and the communities where we do business will lead to greater success for our customers, our employees and our shareholders. We each take responsibility to make this happen.

Lexmark’s DNGs are employee groups created to foster a more inclusive environment through networking, employee and community engagement, recruiting efforts and diversity awareness. DNGs are established through a grassroots process whereby employees recruit members, design a mission statement, and develop programming and events to help advance the mission. Each DNG offers a space where employees can benefit from a supportive network as well as celebrate and share their cultures and individuality with others.

European Diversity Charter

Because the world is our customer, we strive to understand and appreciate diversity in our thinking, culture, markets, suppliers, and business partners.

Lexmark sites in Hungary, Spain and France have signed the European Diversity Charter, committing to ban discrimination in the workplace and create diversity. Joining the charter provides benefits such as offering challenges and new opportunities in the field of diversity and sharing knowledge and best practices with other businesses.

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